LED Street Light

  • LED road lamp
  • LED road lamp
  • LED road lamp
  • LED road lamp
LED road lampLED road lampLED road lampLED road lamp

LED road lamp

  • Model: BGG-ST3A90W
  • Lamp Power: 90W
  • Light Source: Osram 3030 SMD LED
  • Protect Standard: IP65 weatherproof rated
  • Product description: LED Road lamp 90w 3 modules supplied by Bigoga lighting manufacturer, neat appearance, good brightness performance.
LED road lamp Specification
Lamp name: led street light
Model: BGG-ST3A90W
Input voltage: AC110V, AC220V, AC240V
Power frequency: 50~60Hz
Lighting power: 90W
Module: 3pcs
Light source: Osram 3030 SMD LED
LED quantity: 90pcs
Luminous efficiency: 110lm/W
Lumen: 9900lm
Color temperature: 2700-6500K, Warm white, Day light, Cool white
Power supply: IP67 rated IC driver
Power efficiency: >0.95
Color Render index: Ra>80
Protect standard: IP65 rating
Optical lens: 55x125 degree
Housing material: Aluminum
Finish options: Grey, White, Black
Body size: L625*W171*H85mm
Packing size: L645*W191*105mm
Net weight: 3.68kg
Gross weight: 4.0kg
Installation: pole mount, wall mounted
Lifespan: 50000H
Warranty: 3 years
Surge protector 10KV lightning protection ( external)

LED road lamp Features:
1. The power saving rate is high, save the electricity consumption 60%-200% compared with the traditonal lamps.
2. Long life, generally can reach 50'000 hours.
3. The most environmentally friendly, without mercury and other harmful elements.
4. Good color rendering index, color temperature is adjustable.
5. LED belongs to the non glass products, good shock resistance, safety and easy to storage and transportation.
6. Fast start.
7. Innovative modular design, easy maintenance.

Road lighting Applications:
Our led street light has been utilized in many applications including street, road, ave, highway, square and other places.

Why Choose Bigoga?
1. Product design advantage. Professional heat dissipation structure, increase the heat dissipation performance, and extend the life of the whole lamp.
2. Reliability, modularity, standardization, compatibility, versatility, system and intelligence are our design indeas.
3. From the product design, testing, production automation link to ensure the reliability of the product.
4. The key parts standardization and generalization, convenient to replace the key components from different manufacturers.

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